Saturday, March 27, 2010

Medical pre existing conditions exist at birth?

My nephew was born with a serious medical condition and even though his parents were fully covered with excellent health insurance, they were told that his life-saving operations were not covered by health insurance because it was a pre-existing condition!

Because his parents were not low life and they worked hard for their money, my nephew could not get the free Medicaid giveaway and his family had to sell their home and move into a trailer for many years to pay off this bill!

Of course, poor folks only get the best of care, and we even pay for willful misconduct:

Do gluttons and addicts deserve health care?

Willful Misconduct should not be a disability!

Evidently, nothing has changed as this article notes parents whose newborn was denied medical coverage for in utero pre existing conditions!

I have mixed feeling on this issue. On one hand, taxpayers should not have to pay for a heart transplant for a 40 years morbidly obese smoker who mooches off of disability because he ate himself into a wheelchair.

In countries with socialized medicine like the UK they let alcoholics die if a transplant is not a good value for the money (e.g. a history of relapse).

British alcoholic dies rather than get free liver transplant

It's cold, but these are the practical medical decisions that doctorss truggle with everyday, determining who is "worthy" of expensive medical procedures . . .