Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simianification: I’ll make a monkey out of you!

I’m reading the amazing book The Eternal Paddy: Irish Identity and the British Press, and the author coined a new word I like, "simianificatoin", or making a monkey out of people. The book cover illustrates simianizing:

The simianification of the Irish inspired widespread contempt

This book is amazing, a real eye opener with some very smart writing by Dr. Michael de Nie.

Dr. de Nie

Professor Michael de Nie of the University of Wisconsin is one of those undiscovered authors who is destined for greatness, a very talented wordsmith and worthy scholar.

The Simianizing of the Irish

Some scholars question if there was an Irish Holocaust, a British genocide of epic proportions that killed millions of innocent Irish people:

A home in Belfast tells the tale of the Irish genocide

But how to you convince the British population that the Irish are animals, not entitled to humane treatment? The word for the day is “simianification”, literally making a monkey out of the Irish people:

The irishman as inhuman

The Irish Chimp

The British Lion vs. the Irish monkey

The Irishman: a caged animal at the circus

The Irishman wears a chamber pot on his head

Heavily annotated and rich with examples, de Nie coins the word “simianification”, to describe how the British dehumanized the Irish. In the days of slavery, this image says it all, the Irish are pictured as chattel, another inferior chimpanzee-like race to be enslaved:

Why the Irish should be enslaved

This is a great book for anyone of Irish Ancestry, a must-read to understand the British depiction of the Irish people as sub-human.

To learn more about the Irish Holocaust and the British genocide, also see the book Paddy’s Lament: Prelude to Hatred.