Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Japan should never be allowed to have armed forces

The unit 731 experiments are horrific by any standard, as this article describes on the torture and murder of POW’s in WWII by the Japanese.

The quote below is from a Unit 731 member carved up a Chinese prisoner without anesthetic, and who also acknowledged that he had helped poison Chinese rivers and wells.

The article claims that his main intention in agreeing to an interview seemed to be to explain that Unit 731 was not really so brutal after all. You be the judge:

“The fellow knew that it was over for him and so he didn't struggle when 'they led him into the room and tied ,him down,"

"But when I picked up the scalpel, that's when he began screaming"

"I cut him open from the chest to the stomach and he screamed terribly and his face was all twisted in agony. He made this unimaginable sound, he was screaming so horribly."

Now I ask you, way was this Japanese man never executed for this war crime?

He also offers this quote, a testament to why Japan should never be allowed to arm themselves again:

"There's a possibility this could happen again," the old man said, smiling genially. "Because in a war, you have to win."

This article also describes the Unit 731 horrors.

Why Japan should never be allowed to have an Army

I believe what the Japanese did during WWII was just as terrible, if not more so than what the Nazis did, a mass murder that rivals the Holocaust.

Australian POW Leo Siffleet being murdered by Yasuno Chikao

My father narrowly escaped from Luzon before the Japanese invasion and he lost many friends in the Bataan Death March.

His message to me was to never let America forget why Japanese should never again have armed forces. Never, ever, until the end of time should we forget their horrible acts of brutality:

Never forget wartime atrocities

But no one talks about Japan war crimes, and it's even considered socially acceptable (even by the Japanese government) to deny their war crimes.

The Japenese believed that the Americans and Chinese were an inferior species, not human, and therefore not entitled to humane treatment.

Torturing POW's was great sport for cruel Japanese soldiers

The article mentions that they did 'Josef Mengele' style experiments, but after reading into it, I believe that they were much, much worse than Josef Mengele.

The rape of Nanking is probably one of the most terrible things that has ever happened in human history, yet it was only touched upon in my history classes, if at all.

Murdered American Airmen rot in the sun at the Bataan Death March

With the last of the WWII veterans dying off, we need to remind the next generation that the former Axis powers should never, ever, be allowed to arm themselves again.