Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Redneck menu generator!

I enjoy redneck foods, and I have dedicated some time to learning about country folk cuisine.

A redneck wedding cake

To learn more about redneck cuising, see this page. The Redneck menu generator" is lots of fun, try it!

This was done by a very creative person!

I love the "served in a hubcap of Cheetos!" reference!

I love these redneck menu offerin's:

- Rendered Squirrel with Muscadine Pork Cracklins
- Pit Barbecue Hedgehog in a hubcap of Cheetos
- Engine Smoked Coyote with Fatback Velveeta
- Kentucky Pork Belly Stew with Kentucky Okra
- Ozark Squirrel Pudding with Kettle Cooked Ditchweed
- Coffee Can Varmint Mush with Pit Barbecue Gravy