Sunday, March 14, 2010

The world’s best dog park!

We travel quite a bit, and we always try to bring Noel, our 4 pound Yorkie, and her favorite dog park is in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

When we stay in Old San Juan, we always stay at the Sheraton, nice views and dog friendly:

A dog friendly hotel in Old San Juan

Far and away, her favorite park in the world is “Parque des las Palomas”, the “Park of the Pigeons” in old San Juan.

The world best dog park for dogs who like birds

Noel loves birds, and the park is swarming with birdies.

It's the best dog park in the world for her, she gets so excited that she shakes for hours afterwards!

We make her wear her “Doggles”, so she does not get her eyes pecked:

Dogs shgould wear Doggles for eye safety in the park

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