Friday, March 19, 2010

Salt Lick towns!

Here in North Carolina we have lots of “lick” towns, name after a natural “salt lick”, a place with a natural salt outcropping where animals would go to lick their salt.

Critters come from miles around to lick salt

We buy salt by the ton for our 40+ horses and a used salt block is almost a work of abstract art:

Salt Lick abstract art worthy of the Guggenheim museum

My Burleson ancestors lived in Big Lick Township in North Carolina:

In NC we have the town of Lizard Lick:

But there are other lick towns too.

This church caught my attention:, I've never been to beaver lick:

And don't forget Big Bone lick, the largest lick town in Montana:

And how about a French Lick?

The French Lick name reminds of of the old joke. It does not translate well in writing, but spoken, itt makes sense:

Q: How does a Franch women hold her Liquor?

A: By the ears . . .